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Sourced from leading industry suppliers our range of aluminium doors will keep your home safe and protected, from the weather to potential intruders in equal regards. Providing timeless style with a massive range of designs, you’ll be able to find the perfect double glazed aluminium door for your home.

All Elements offer a range of aluminium doors for properties across Taunton, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Devon and Somerset. For a fast, transparent no obligation aluminium door quote, contact us online today.

Key Features


Durable Doors

Aluminium provides fantastic durability for your sliding and residential doors. Highly resistant to the elements, aluminium doors are impervious to degradation.


Energy Efficient

Aluminium doors make for an excellent cost effective solution to antiquated styles of entry door. Their much better energy efficiency could save you money regularly.


Stylish, Sleek Design

Aluminium doors are hard to beat when it comes to design. Their slim and sleek profiles provide a stylish look to your home.

Bifold Doors Dartmoor

Key Features


Smooth Transition

Aluminium bifold doors provide a smooth and seamless transition between the interior or exterior of your home.


Large Glass Panels

Featuring large glass panels, aluminium bifold doors offer a truly modern looking aesthetic. Also, aluminium doors let natural light flood into your home.


Maximise Space

The unique folding mechanism of aluminium bifold doors allows them to fold in upon themselves. This takes up little room, maximising space.


Flexible Opening

Aluminium bifold doors give you options when it comes to opening. With a wide range of angles and opening configurations, aluminium doors will offer complete freedom.


Stylish Design

Aluminium doors offer a truly timeless style, making it fit perfectly with any property type. They'll add a sleek and elegant look to any home.


PAS 24 Security on Request

With multi point locking installed, our aluminium bifold doors will protect your home from intruders. PAS 24 doc Q high spec security upgrades are available on request.

Key Features


Spitfire Doors

For a tough and resilient yet stylish and sleek front entrance door, take a look at our Spitfire Doors. They're as versatile as they are high in performance.


Low Maintenance

You won’t have to spend hours cleaning your aluminium doors. With just an occasional wiping from a cloth, they’ll stay looking good as new for years to come.


Smooth Operation

Aluminium is a lightweight yet incredibly strong material, making it perfect for double glazed doors. Our sliding and bifold doors have an effortless, smooth operating motion for ease of use.



The British weather can often be an unpredictable force, but you won’t have to worry too much with aluminium doors. Excellent weatherproofing makes them resistant to rain and wind.


Customisable Style

Make your aluminium entrance door as unique and special as your Somerset or Devon home. With a massive range of colours and finishing touches to choose from, you’ll be able to match your aluminium doors and home.


PAS 24 on Offer

Aluminium is an incredibly tough material, offering a high level of resistance against any intruders. Additionally, PAS 24 security features will ensure the most secure aluminium entrance door.

Key Features


Seamless Opening

Forget about your aluminium sliding doors getting stuck. They'll continue to offer a smooth and seamless motion for years to come.


Durable Frames

Aluminium doors are extremely resistant to the effects of age and weathering. Being corrosion free, they'll work effortlessly even after long usage.


Concealed Frames

By concealing the frames of our aluminium patio sliding doors, we create flush, sleek looking style for your home.


Panoramic Views

A benefit provided by the large amounts of glass used in our patio sliding doors is that they offer great views of your garden and exterior property.


Warm and Cosy

The energy efficiency of our aluminium sliding doors ensures a comfortable home all year round. Temperatures will never be too extreme with these aluminium doors.



Perfectly sealed and giving your home increased weather resistance, our aluminium patio sliding doors will protect your property from the elements.

Resistant Aluminium Residential Doors

Your front entrance door is the first thing a guest sees when visiting your home, so it’s great to make an impressive first impression. Aluminium doors offer just that, being available in a range of designs and colours. Sleek and slim profiles suggest a high quality, modern home that is sure to wow visitors. The colour range is expansive to suit your style; whether that’s a subtle shade or a bright, vibrant tone, there will be a front door to suit your tastes.

Our aluminium doors are supplied by top industry names such as Schüco, AluK and Reynaers. If you want to match your windows to these doors, take a look at our range of aluminium windows.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Dartmoor

All Elements price it’s products competitively while providing you with top quality home improvements. Use our online contact form to request a free aluminium door quote today.

Modern manufacturing techniques and intelligent design decisions have allowed aluminium doors to become incredibly energy efficient. They’ll keep your home warm in winter and bills to a minimum.

We are proud of the quality we provide from both our service and our products. FENSA has fully accredited the work we offer, reflecting the excellent high standards we achieve.

Reliable Aluminium Doors

Reliability and resistance is a key feature from the front of your property. Aluminium entrance and sliding doors offer excellent levels of strength that out of date doors cannot provide. Wind and watertightness are rigorously tested to ensure protection from the elements and keep your home safe from the worst the British weather has to offer. Security is tight, with PAS 24 standard available on request across our range of aluminium doors.

Bifold and Sliding Patio Doors

Bifold and sliding aluminium doors are a great way of providing your house with superb levels of natural light and giving an elegant, modern look to your home. Slim profiles and large glass areas with maximum transparency allow the greatest amounts of sunlight to filter into your home through our aluminium front doors. This gives your property a bright and warm quality that welcomes visitors.

Easy Operation Aluminium Doors

Operation is the main consideration when it comes to folding or sliding doors. You want a door that will provide easy fluid motion, even after years of use. Aluminium doors give a great performance in this area, practically gliding open when used. Stainless steel tracks make this possible, and as a bonus, are designed to be as noiseless as they can be. The result is a bifold or sliding aluminium door that’s easy to operate for everyone.


Aluminium Doors Exmoor

Colour Choices

We have an expansive range of colours for you to choose from for your alumina doors, to perfectly suit your homes décor. We also offer wood effect finishes which are an excellent way of making your aluminium door suit your traditional property type.

Hardware Options

You can also customise the hardware of your door to further compliment your home’s decorative style. We have a range of finishes for you to choose from, some more suited to modern properties while others will look perfect with your heritage home.

Low Threshold Available

They are a great way of creating a truly seamless transition between your Somerset or Devon home's interior and exterior. Low thresholds also create far easier accessibility into your property, making them ideal for wheelchair users.


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