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Manufactured using the latest state of the art processes and from the best quality materials, our double glazed windows will provide excellent performance. From high security locking, to thermally efficient glazing and a massive range of styles, you’ll be able to find the perfect double glazing for your home.

All Elements provide high quality uPVC windows across the South West of England. Our expansive coverage area includes Taunton, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Devon and Somerset. Contact us online for window prices today.

Key Features


Peace of Mind

Security is always top of a homeowner’s list of priorities. Our uPVC windows come with the latest security measures and locking mechanisms to give you peace of mind within your home.


Unique Design & Style

It's important that our double glazing integrates seamlessly into your home. The range of uPVC windows we have on offer at All Elements is diverse, allowing you to find the right style for you.


Excellent Energy Efficiency

Supplied from top supply chains, our uPVC windows are ensured to give you low U-values, helping keep your home toasty and warm, even in the height of winter.

uPVC Windows Taunton

Key Features


Weather Resistant

uPVC windows are durable and resistant to outside elements. Great levels of watertightness prevent moisture from entering your house, keeping you and your home warm and dry.


PAS 24 Accreditation

You don’t have to take our word for our uPVC windows security. Our double glazing products can be tested to PAS 24 standard upon request, for the ultimate level of peace of mind.


Save Money on Bills

Thanks to our naturally insulating uPVC windows' thermal performance, the lack of escaping heat could potentially save you money on heating bills.


Durable Frames

The strong frames and double or triple glazing of our uPVC windows provide excellent levels of wind resistance, keeping your exterior stable and resistant for years to come.


Low Maintenance

Traditional wood structure windows can cause a painful amount of maintenance after installation. Luckily, uPVC windows are naturally hard wearing, alleviating the need for heavy hassle.


Long Lasting

uPVC doesn’t degrade over time in the way that alternative materials have done in the past. They’ll easily give you years, if not decades, of high performance levels.

uPVC Windows Dartmoor

Key Features


Flush Frame

Using their flush frame, our flush casement uPVC windows will create a minimalist look for your home. With sleek and slim sightlines, they'll provide an excellent aesthetic.


Secured by Design

Using the latest in secure locking, our flush casement windows will ensure the highest levels of security for your home. Secured by Design accreditation grants you peace of mind.


CE and BSI Kitemarks

Ensuring a great performance all round for these flush sash uPVC windows, they have BSI Kitemark and CE Mark accreditation.


Hard Wearing

uPVC is a long lasting material, ensured to last the test of time. Our uPVC windows give a durable, long lasting performance that is tough to beat.


Noise Reduction

Helping to cut out the noise from outside, our flush casement uPVC windows have a great level of soundproofing. This will help keep your home full of peace and quiet.


Thermally Efficient

uPVC windows are naturally thermally efficient, providing your home with a great level of heat retention. This will help keep bills at a minimum.

uPVC Windows Bridgewater

Key Features


Timber Style

Sliding sash uPVC windows replicate the look of timber with none of the hassle associated with it. Get the timber aesthetics while also enjoying uPVC performance with these Roseview windows.


Authentic Features

Our uPVC sliding sash windows use several authentic features to ensure they capture the style of wooden windows. This gives these uPVC windows a luxury aesthetic.


Heat Retention

Your home won't be freezing in winter. Our sliding sash uPVC windows use modern materials to grant excellent heat retention, keeping your home warm all year round.


Secured by Design

They might have the looks of a timber sash window, but their security is definitely modern. With multi point locks and Secured by Design approval, your home will be safe with uPVC windows.



Thanks to the double glazing of our sliding sash windows, they also offer a great level of noise reduction. This will help you get a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep with our uPVC windows.


Low Maintenance

You'll never have to get your uPVC sash windows treated or sanded unlike timber style windows. A simple wipe of the cloth is all these uPVC windows need from time to time.

uPVC Windows Weston Super mare

Key Features


Panoramic Views

uPVC bow and bay windows offer truly panoramic views of your outside space. This can turn them into as much of a feature as a practical uPVC Windows solution.


Undeniable Aesthetics

Bow and bay windows have a striking visual appeal that will have passers by stopping to stare. With our customisation options, you can add your own touch to them.


Natural Light

Thanks to their large spans, our uPVC bow and bay windows let great amounts of natural light enter your home. These uPVC Windows could make your space appear even larger than it really is.


Extra Ventilation

Ventilation is incredibly useful in summer, letting all the stuffy heat vacate your home. uPVC Windows reduce the chances of condensation build up, protecting your home.


Thermal Retention

Thanks to the naturally insulating properties of uPVC windows and our double glazing, our uPVC bow and bay windows will ensure that winter doesn't turn your home into a fridge.


Lower Bills

As a knock on effect of our thermal insulation, you could find that your heating bills are lowered. uPVC Windows could mean big savings on heating costs throughout the year.

Thermally Efficient uPVC Windows

All Elements offer a range of uPVC windows to suit any homeowners property type. These double or triple glazed windows provide superior thermal efficiency levels compared to antiquated styles and could potentially save you money on heating bills every month. They also make life easy for homeowners with their minimal levels of maintenance. A simple wipe of the cloth now and again is enough to keep your double or triple glazing looking shiny.

uPVC Windows Exmoor

All Elements are based in Taunton, but our operational area covers the South West of England, including Dartmoor, Exmoor, Devon and Somerset.

uPVC Windows Devon

We make finding prices as easy as possible for customers. Just use our simple and easy to fill in online contact form for bespoke uPVC window prices today.

uPVC Windows Cornwall

Our uPVC window range is expansive, covering casement windows, flush casement windows, sliding sash windows, and bow and bay windows.

Halo Casement Windows Provided by VEKA

When it comes to uPVC windows, VEKA is an industry leading brand. Their Halo range of uPVC casement windows offers homeowners a flexible and varied choice of double glazed windows to cater to any property type. They are also designed for efficient and hassle free installations. In the hands of our expert team of installers, double glazing fittings are ensured to be fast and professional.

Residence Collection uPVC Windows

If you have a heritage property and are looking for traditionally styled uPVC windows, the Residence Collection is the perfect choice. Available across a range of styles and designs, these double glazed windows grant an excellent performance for your home. A++ rated, our range of double glazing will help contribute to your home’s thermal efficiency, keeping a consistent, comfortable temperature all year round.

Take a look at our Residence Collection page to find out more about this stunning range of high performance windows.

Roseview uPVC Sash Windows

Suppose you have a traditional style property and are looking to maintain a timber aesthetic without any flaws. In that case, our Roseview uPVC sash windows are perfect for you. Using uPVC instead of timber is a cost effective solution that requires none of the maintenance of antiquated materials. uPVC provides superior watertightness levels meaning it repels all moisture. As a result, this double glazing is a far longer lasting and more durable wooden window solution.


Colour Choice

To ensure you get exactly the right aesthetics, our double glazed windows come in a range of colours so that you can decide between either a subtle shade or a stand out tone. We also offer wood effect finishes for the traditional style.

Hardware Options

Get a personal look from your uPVC windows and with our hardware options. We can tailor aspects of our windows to suit your unique tastes and preferences. This could be choosing which finish you prefer for your handles.

uPVC Windows Costs

Double or Triple Glazing

Double glazed as standard, our uPVC windows will offer a good thermal performance level and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. We also offer triple glazing, to achieve even lower U-values for your Somerset or Devon home.


Halo Flush Casement Window

Halo Rustique Casement Window

Halo uPVC Windows


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