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Create a warmer home with our range of stunning uPVC doors. Find the perfect style for your home, with our massive range of designs on offer. Never compromise on performance, with our double glazed doors providing an energy efficient, long lasting and secure home.

Also, be sure to view our range of Residence Collection doors.

We supply and fit a variety of uPVC doors throughout the South West of England. Our operation area stretches to Taunton, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Devon and Somerset. Use our online contact form for a free, no obligation entry door quote today.

Key Features


PAS 24 Approval Availble

uPVC doors are extremely durable and provide great resistance against intruders. With PAS 24 and BS EN 12608 accreditation and 6.8mm laminated glass upon request, you can trust the security of these glazed doors.


Let in Natural Light

uPVC doors are popular with homeowners due to the natural light that they let into a property. Having more light within a space can also create the illusion a room is even larger than it really is.


Colour Suited to You

Having a uniform colour pattern and design style is important. Our range of uPVC doors, including Halo and the Residence collection, come in various colours so that you won't have to compromise on style.

Key Features


Low Maintenance

Receive the benefits of a home improvement without investing much time and money into maintenance. uPVC doors require just a quick wipe of a cloth will keep your entry door looking shiny.


Cost Effective

Another benefit of great natural light levels is that it can save you from using electrical powered alternatives. In turn, uPVC doors can save you money on your utility bills month after month.


Energy Efficiency

uPVC doors are a naturally insulating material that will provide your home with a great thermal performance. This will keep your home at a consistent temperature all year round.


Long Lasting

Unlike timber alternatives, uPVC doors don’t degrade over time, being practically impervious to rot and degradation. They’ll continue to give you a great performance for years.


Traditional or Modern Designs

If you have a traditional property, you may think that you’re limited in terms of choice. However, our uPVC doors are available with a range of wood effect finishes ensuring a consistent look.


Fast installation

All Elements have been installing double glazed uPVC doors for many years. Our installation team is highly experienced and rigorously trained to deliver a fast and professional fitting.

Key Features


Great Views

uPVC French doors allow for great views outside of your home, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your garden for example.


Natural Light

Owing to the large amount of glass used in uPVC French doors, they let in large amounts of natural light. This creates a warm and inviting space, thanks to your uPVC doors.


Access Options

French doors make your property more accessible as well. With their double door opening, you have twice as much room to get in and out of your home.


Thermal Efficiency

uPVC French doors offer a great amount of insulation for your property. Keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, these uPVC doors will keep the temperature just right.


PAS 24 Approval Upon Request

Keeping your home safe and secure, our uPVC French doors are available with PAS 24 approval. uPVC doors will help to ensure peace of mind within your home, with a secure double glazed door.


Easy to Clean

Unlike traditional wooden French doors, uPVC French doors won't require any of the maintenance. You'll be able to fit and forget with uPVC doors.

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Key Features


Smooth Operation

Modern uPVC patio sliding doors are manufactured by the best techniques for a very high build quality. This ensures a smooth, fluid operation from your uPVC doors even after years of use.



Our uPVC sliding patio doors grant a superb level of weathertightness. Keeping wind and rain away from your home, these double glazed doors offer great protection.


Sound Reduction

When shut, our uPVC sliding doors will offer a soundproofing effect. Cutting the noise out of your interior space, you'll be left with a calm and relaxing atmosphere from your uPVC doors.


BSI Kitemarks/PAS 24

Using a variety of modern safety features, our uPVC sliding doors will offer safety and security. Accreditation from BSI Kitemark and PAS 24 is offered upon request.


Easy Ventilation

Sliding doors can be a lifesaver in summer when your home's interior is blasted by the sun. With their unique opening mechanism, uPVC doors could provide the ventilation you need.


High Light Levels

Thanks to their large glass panels, uPVC patio sliding doors let a great amount of light into your home, making your home warm and inviting.

Strong and Sturdy uPVC Doors

uPVC doors represent a weather resistant, durable and thermally efficient residential door for homeowners. Manufactured using the latest state of the art production methods, front entry and sliding doors are a great blend of style and performance. Customisation to homeowner requirements also makes these an incredibly versatile and flexible product.

Our uPVC doors implement the latest in security features to guarantee peace of mind and protection from intruders. With options for double and triple glazing, you can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K to help keep your house as warm as possible and save you money on heating and utility bills down the line.

It couldn’t be easier to find prices for our range of uPVC doors. We have a simple and easy to use online contact form where you can request prices.

uPVC Doors Exmoor

uPVC is a very resistant and durable material that will offer your home excellent weatherproofing. uPVC doors will stand firmly against wind and rain, offering your home superb protection.

uPVC Doors Devon

It couldn’t be easier to keep your uPVC doors looking their absolute best. Forget about spending hours trying to clean your door; just give them the occasional wipe every once in a while.

Long Lasting Residential and French Doors

uPVC doors provide excellent performance in terms of longevity. This is a great benefit to homeowners for several reasons. Firstly, it means you receive all the thermal performance and weather resistance benefits for years, if not decades. This also means that you have to replace your sliding or residential door far less frequently than those made from antiquated materials. Fewer replacements mean fewer replacement costs, making for a cost effective solution.

uPVC Doors Somerset

Expert Installation Team

Installation won’t be a hassle either for your uPVC door. With our incredibly experienced and expert fitting team, we’ll make sure you receive a professional, efficient and complete installation to the highest levels of satisfaction. In fact, we are so reliable and trustworthy that we are accredited by both FENSA and Kitemark, meaning you really can rely on us for a great entry door installation.

uPVC Doors Dartmoor

Easy Operation uPVC Patio Doors

Halo also provide All Elements with a modern selection of uPVC patio doors. These folding and sliding doors are excellent choices for homeowners, providing an effortlessly smooth operation. Modern materials are heavily resistant to degradation, meaning this easy operation will continue even after years of use. They are also designed to provide a maximum glass area, perfect for linking outside areas with the interior and allowing natural light to flow in through your uPVC door.


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Colour Choice

There is a variety of colour for you to choose from for your new uPVC door. Go for something that reflects your personality with a vibrant tone. If you have a traditional property, you may want to use one of our wood effect finishes.

uPVC Doors Costs

Hardware Options

From the handles to the hinges, the hardware for your door can be as integral to the look of your Somerset or Devon home as the colour. We have a range of finishes for you to choose from, to get the perfect match with your home.

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Low Thresholds

If you want a seamless transition between your home and the outside, why not opt for a low threshold option? They make your home more accessible to wheelchair users while also eliminating a potential trip hazard from your interior.


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