Residence Collection Windows & Doors, Taunton, Somerset

Unparalleled in terms of style and performance in equal measure, Residence Collection windows and doors are exceptional home improvements. Able to cater to either contemporary or heritage properties, these windows and doors are versatile in application while providing excellent thermal efficiency.

All Elements supply and fit luxury Residence Collection windows and doors for properties in Taunton, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Devon and Somerset. Contact us online using our easy to fill in form for bespoke pricing today.

Key Features


Unrivalled Luxury Aesthetics

Few even come close to matching the splendour provided by the Residence Collection's double glazed windows and doors. These double glazing products can transform any property into a luxurious home.


Modern Manufacturing

If your property is a traditional style one, it can sometimes be difficult to find modern products that match your current aesthetics. The Residence Collection combines the best of both aspects.


Authentic Options

With authentic designs, including options for weatherbars, these windows and doors capture period style perfectly while also providing modern standards' great energy efficiency.

Key Features


Flush Sash

Featuring a sleek, elegant and flush inside and out, Residence Collection windows are suited to both traditional properties and modern builds to cater to any style of Somerset or Devon home.


Double or Triple Glazed

To give homeowners freedom of choice and allow for the best energy efficiency, you can choose between double and triple glazed options for Residence Collection windows.


Energy Efficiency

Get the look of traditional design with the amazing thermal efficiency that modern materials provide. With A++ energy ratings available, your home will be warm all year round.


Secured by Design

Keep your home safe and secure with Residence Collection windows, which feature Secured by Design accreditation. They may have the looks of a heritage window, but their safety is distinctly modern.


Contemporary or Traditional

We have a range of design choices for your double glazed windows. Some of these are perfect for homeowners looking for a contemporary style from their home, whilst others look amazing with traditional houses.


Maintenance Free

Many of the Residence Collection double glazed windows and doors require hardly any maintenance. Just give them the odd wipe of the cloth to have them looking as stunning as possible.

Key Features


Secured by Design

Thoroughly protect your home from intruders with our range of residence Collection doors. Featuring Secured by Design approval, your home will be safely protected from potential intruders.


A++ Energy Ratings

Reflecting their excellent standard of thermal efficiency, our Residence Collection doors achieve A++ energy ratings. This will ensure a warm home all year round.


Huge Colour Choice

Our Residence Collection doors offer an undeniably luxury aesthetic, but they also have more room for customisation. With 20 standard colourways to choose from, you'll have loads of choice.


Low Maintenance

Using uPVC materials rather than original timber affords a much lower level of maintenance. You won't be spending all your free time cleaning Residence Collection doors.


Wood Effect Finishes

If you're after a traditional looking style, you might want to choose one of our wood effect finishes for your entrance door. They replicate the look of wooden windows with none of the hassle.


Sleek Framing

With sleek curves and framing, our Residence Collection doors provide an elegant front entranceway. Your door will be as much a statement as a front entrance.

The Residence Collection – Redefining Windows and Doors

The Residence Collection is a suite of unique, distinctive and luxurious windows and doors, perfect for overhauling any property type.

Sleek, flush and inherently stylish, the Residence Collection’s range of windows represent a new benchmark in luxury double glazed windows. With products suited for traditional properties and modern homes, this selection of flexible windows combines style with industry leading performance. Options are available for both double and triple glazing and can provide up to A++ energy ratings. If you’re looking for double glazed windows that make a statement, the Residence Collection is the obvious choice.

There are three distinctive and unique ranges from the Residence Collection: , R7 and R9, each available in a massive range of colours to tailor to your unique style.

Residence Collection Bridgewater

It couldn’t be easier to get fast and transparent pricing for our Residence Collection windows and doors. Just use our simple online contact form to request a bespoke quote today.

Residence Collection Weston Super Mare

We offer double and triple glazing options to give you a greater choice for our Residence Collection products. The glazing ranges from 28mm to 44mm.

Residence Collection Exmoor

Our Residence Collection windows and doors can achieve U-values of 1.2 W/m2K with our double glazing fitted. But with triple glazing, this is increased up to 0.74 W/m2K.

Luxury Residence Collection Windows, Somerset and Devon

The Residence Collection’s double glazed window range comes with a staggering amount of homeowner customisation to make for a truly tailored, personalised window system. Hinge style can go a long way to creating a particular aesthetic, whether replicating a timber style or forging a new, modern design. The Residence Collection allows for both styles, giving true versatility.

For even greater levels of thermal performance, choose triple glazing for these luxury windows, creating a home that is cosy and warm throughout the year.

Modern Techniques, Traditional Finishes

The Residence Collection embraces modern manufacturing techniques to provide the highest quality products regardless of the aesthetic. At the same time, they celebrate traditional British craftsmen’s techniques to create truly period looking features for your windows and doors where required. Joints are butted together to replicate timber windows, and complete the traditional style.

No matter whether you are looking to achieve a modern or traditional style from your Residence Collection windows and doors, the expansive range on offer has you covered. There’s a massive selection of colours available, allowing you to match your windows and doors to you distinct visual aesthetic.

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Distinctive, Elegant Residence Collection Doors

The Residence Collection has a range of high performance entry doors that complements its double glazed window selection perfectly. They have entrance doors to suit any of their double gazed windows, traditional or modern, so that you can achieve a uniform look throughout your property. They provide both front entrance doors and French doors to suit your requirements.

The Range

Double Glazing Somerset

With an emphasis on clean lines and a truly modern performance, the R² Collection is a distinctive addition of elegance to any home. A++ energy rated as standard, these windows and doors will grant your home substance along with its style.

Residence Collection Taunton


Contemporary in design and modern in performance, the R7 Collection will update any home with the latest in modern style. Completely versatile, these windows and doors will deliver a high quality double or triple glazed solution.

Residence Collection Somerset


If you have a traditional home, or live in a conservation area, the R9 Collection will complement your home perfectly. Flush framed, they'll give your home a sleek and stylish finish that will lend to the overall style of your home.


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